Ruth Perrin, Writing on Christian Faith in the UK

Ruth Perrin, Writing on Christian Faith in the UK

Dr Ruth Perrin, a fellow of St John’s College, Durham University, and friend of CODEC is publishing monthly posts that bring together academic research on Christian faith in the UK, including issues related to biblical literacy. Ruth has recently published on the subject of her PhD research inThe Bible Reading of Young Evangelicals (Wipf & Stock, 2016).

Two relatively recent posts tackle Bible engagement especially among millennials. In “Millennials: Bible Readers or Bible Admirers?” Ruth draws attention to the gaps in biblical knowledge among evangelical millennials, suggesting that one cause is likely to be found in sermons—a primary source of Bible knowledge—which tend to deal narrowly with a relatively small number of biblical texts, a ‘canon within a canon’.

In “Reading Biblical Narrative: What have we modelled to Millennials?” Ruth discusses ways in which the church models (intentionally and unintentionally) certain ways of approaching Scripture and what in fact the Bible is. She asks, “What are the long term effects of never talking about where the Bible came from?”

Incidentally, CODEC and Bible Society have recently collaborated to carry out research on Bible engagement among ‘digital Millennials’, some results of which we will share in the coming months.

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