The Big Bible Project Revised

The Big Bible Project Revised

The redesign of the Big Bible Project has been underway for many months, and this post marks its official relaunch. Previously, the Project focused on hosting conversations about the Bible and discipleship, and a huge community of authors contributed along the way. The former website and all its posts—over 3,000—have been archived, and may be found here.

The relaunch is much more than just a redesign. The scope of the site has narrowed, and its purpose altered. The subject of the site is “Biblical Literacy & Reception in a Digital World.” Its purpose: To host and curate the best short-form content related to Biblical Literacy and Reception on the web, with a special focus on the digital environment. To unpack this purpose statement further:

  • Host: the site will host original contributions in the form of blog posts, authored in-house, by invitation, or by peer-reviewed submission.
  • Curate: the site will select and summarise related content that appears elsewhere.
  • Short-form: in the spirit of the blog, posts will be relatively short (300–500 words, only occasionally >1000).
  • Biblical Literacy & Reception: how the Bible (its texts, stories, motifs) are taken up, retold, and interpreted (i.e., reception) and the knowledge and competence such reception conveys or produces (i.e., literacy).
  • Digital environment: the realm of the digitally mediated, represented, and the culture(s) it helps to produce.

The BigBible project is managed by CODEC Research Centre for Digital Theology, based at St John’s College, Durham University. The project is made possible in part by generous funding from the Jerusalem Trust.

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