Oxford Biblical Studies Online’s Focus On Series

Oxford Biblical Studies Online’s Focus On Series

In our previous post, we shared a recent essay from Oxford Biblical Studies Online’s Focus On Series. Many of the previous essays cover topics of biblical literacy and reception and may be of interest to BigBible readers:

Listening to Scripture in J. S. Bach’s Passions

Paul’s Collection for the Poor in the Church at Jerusalem

Why Does the Bible Prohibit Eating Pork?

Oracles of Ice and Fire: Functions of Prophecy in Game of Thrones and the Bible

Through a Gloss, Darkly—and Beyond: Translation in a New Light

Teaching about Sexual Violence in the Hebrew Bible

Let My People Stay: Revisionism, Millennialism, and American Slavery

The Bible and the Internet


Rahab, Comedy, and Feminist Interpretation

The Qurʿan and the Syriac Bible

Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights

Rabbinic Literature and the Christian Scriptures: An Evolving Relationship

The Bible and Happiness

The King James Bible’s 400th Anniversary in Retrospect

Sampling Reception Criticism: William Blake and the Decalogue

Humor in the Apocrypha

Humor in the New Testament

Humor in the Old Testament

Jonah and Genre

The Feast of Passover


The Book of Revelation

Scholarship and Belief


Holes in the Tower of Babel

The Last Supper

The Ten Commandments in American Life

Genesis 1 and Theologies of Creation in the Hebrew Bible

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