Discipleship in a Media Age – Wrap Up

Discipleship in a Media Age – Wrap Up

Over the Summer, the BigBible Blog hosted a series of posts on discipleship:

Dr Tim Hutchings introduced the series by asking ‘how discipleship is changing in a society dominated by media of all kinds’.

Dr Karen O’Donnell wrote about spiritual formation and the issues and opportunities brought by digital media.

Dr David Ford reflected on his recent research work in a local church to suggest how to choose discipleship resources.

Rev Bryony Taylor described a course she co-authored based on a popular TV programme, Broken.

Video game journalist Andy Robertson challenged readers to consider video games as incarnational spaces.

Dr Sarah Dunlop described the importance of understanding and choosing a good model for visualising the stages of discipleship.

And Dr Josh Mann wrote about the way technology itself can affect how we use and interpret discipleship resources.

Thank you to the Trove for sponsoring the series, Dr Tim Hutchings for organising it, and to each of our authors for their fine contributions!

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