Discipleship in a Media Age: Introducing a New Blog Series – Tim Hutchings

Discipleship in a Media Age: Introducing a New Blog Series – Tim Hutchings

What does “discipleship” look like today? How do Christians look for spiritual growth and formation in their congregations and communities?

For the last few years, the CODEC Research Centre for Digital Theology at Durham University has been developing new tools and resources to help Christians and their churches think about what discipleship means and how it works. This blog series will gather some of our reflections, alongside contributions from long-time CODEC friends and discipleship experts.

This blog series has been organised in partnership with Trove, CODEC’s online discipleship portal. Trove is a one-stop shop and library for discipleship resources, offering hundreds of books, short courses, training courses, guides and other materials. Our resources have been provided by Christian organisations and publishers all across the UK, and many of them are completely free to download. The Christian churches in Britain have a rich store of discipleship materials, but too many of them are not widely known or widely accessible. Whatever your church tradition, the Trove website can help you find just what you’re looking for.

We now live in a digital society, and Trove shows one of the ways in which new media have changed Christian communities. It’s now easier than ever before to find information, share resources and learn from the wisdom and experience of others. Online, Christians are forming into groups and networks based around shared ideas, not just denomination or location.

But how else is discipleship changing, in a society dominated by media of all kinds? That’s what this blog series aims to uncover. We will hear from theologians, educators and course leaders. We will discuss discipleship and TV shows, video games and online learning.

Let’s start with an easy question: what kinds of media have you used and learned from in your own journey of faith? Radio and TV, games and social media, or something else altogether? Join the conversation here!

By Tim Hutchings

Dr Tim Hutchings, a sociologist of religion, media and culture, is a Research Fellow at the CODEC Research Centre for Digital Theology.

Would you like to read more of Tim’s thoughts about digital discipleship? You can download a free introduction to his research from Trove using this link: https://discipleshiptrove.com/view/store/codec-digital-discipleship

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