Digital Millennials

Digital Millennials

Bible Society commissioned the CODEC Research Centre in Digital Theology at Durham University to carry out research on how British digital Millennials engage with the Bible. The findings are being published in various ways, including short reports, interviews, and a small book co-authored by Dr David Ford, Dr Pete Phillips, and Dr Josh Mann at CODEC.

In January 2019, Bible Society released a report (downloadable pdf) based on the data, published in partnership with Barna Group.

BigBible is producing a number of interviews related to the report:

      • In one segment, Senior VP of Research for Barna Group, Brooke Hempell, discusses how print is certainly not dead with these digital millennials. (Full interview here).

    • In another short segment, Dr David Ford offers an overview of one the major findings in the report—the ‘neutral’ stance of digital millennials toward the Bible.

    • Dr Pete Phillips also sat down to talk with Miriam Swaffield about the research as well as her experience working with millennials, especially at University. (full interview here)