Chris Ridgeway Offers a Christian Argument against Privacy

Chris Ridgeway Offers a Christian Argument against Privacy

In a Christianity Today article entitled “Fixing Our Privacy Settings,” Chris Ridgeway argues that knowing and being known by God, as well as a Christian theology of the church, might compel Christians towards greater transparency, not privacy. He argues, in part:

In the freedom of knowing the Knower, we do have a new power. Instead of a posture of hiding, we have the power of self-revelation.

This is the great reversal that Christian thinking brings to knowledge and relationship, intimacy and privacy. The question is not, “How can I protect myself?” but “How can I reveal my life?”

To reveal our life to others is to love them. Think of the power of Christian testimony, especially when it is deeply honest. Tears flow. Cruciform self-revelation directly enters the fear-space where others seek to isolate, defend, or anonymize. It counters the relational desperation of the sin around us with vulnerability and witness.

While I think there is room to deal more with potentially unjust practices and outcomes of data collection, as well as better articulating how transparency within the Body of Christ relates to transparency to the world, this well-written article has much to commend it.

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