The Bible in Recent News

The Bible in Recent News

The Bible in recent news from around the web and the world:

Reeves told Mission Network News that his organization — which equips missionaries by assisting with Bible translation — was caught by surprise when they realized that many churches still want paper copies of the biblical texts.

He said that Wycliffe Associates needed to re-think plans surrounding digital offerings after further assessing the reality on the ground in some countries where Christian churches must live in secret or where the Bible is banned.

“They really want to have this,” he said of traditional paper Bibles. “They can have it in their hands, it doesn’t require any power, it doesn’t need to be recharged and they can hide it in various locations.”

  • On the other hand,

 “Using technology in Bible translation does speed things up, but one of the things it also does is help us find errors we otherwise would never find if we just had to search for them with our own eyes,” Wycliffe’s John Nystrom says.

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